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Blessed to have Founder of Project Rachel Vicki Thorn joining Morning Glory tomorrow!

After you slip on your shoes, kick off your day with Morning Glory tomorrow! We have a fun show lined up with our favorite high school chaplain Father Bjorn Lundberg with us from St. John Paul the Great high school in Dumfries, Virginia! When he and Gloria Purvis get together, there’s NO telling what just might happen!

Guests include pro-life pioneer Vicki Thorn who blazed the trail for the tremendous work that Project Rachel does for women and men suffering with post-abortive trauma. We’ll discuss her take on the Theology of the Body as well! You can learn more about her by visiting http://www.NoParh.org or http://www.hopeafterabortion.com.

We’ll also discuss with Andrew Walther of Knights of Columbus what the liberation of Mosul would mean for Iraqi Christians and those being persecuted in the Middle East. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson recently released a statement and Andrew will give us the latest on what has taken place in the far reaches of Iraq – and where some Christians are now free!

Did you know there’s over 5 thousand relics in Pittsburgh?? Addie Mena of the Catholic News Agency joins to tell us the history behind them and why they’re in the ‘Burgh!

Our conversation is a two-way street! We want to hear from you! Please feel free to comment or pose questions here, find us on Facebook and Twitter @EWTN, or email the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com!

‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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Fun Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET on EWTN radio with Tom Burnford of NCEA!

Join the Morning Glory team as we discuss the news of the day including the Vatican’s recent words on cremation and how the remains of our loved ones must be treated. We have one of our favorite priests with us tomorrow, Father Carter Griffin who will discuss discerning one’s vocation!

We’ll also discuss addiction with Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, a daughter of St. Paul now living in Boston. She writes weekly for Aleteia and the National Catholic Register. She also is an editor and writer for Pauline Media!

We also will go across the pond to Rome to get the latest from Mary Shovlain of EWTN News Nightly on the Pope’s General Audience and the latest on all things and we’ll speak with the president of the National Catholic Education Association, Tom Burnford about the Leadership Summit taking place right now addressing all the issues facing Catholic educators – and students!

We’ll look to hear from you! Leave a comment here and we’ll discuss it on air!


Alyssa Murphy

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Brian Gibson of Pro Life Action Ministries joins Morning Glory tomorrow!

Make sure to wake up with us on the EWTN airwaves as we sift through the news of the day all with a Catholic lens – and give glory to God FIRST thing in the morning! Father Dominic Legge is back with us tomorrow from the Thomistic Institute and we’ll be discussing some powerful statements from the Bishops of Minnesota regarding the upcoming election!

We’ll also talk with Brian Gibson of Pro Life Action Ministries about their big move to sue the University of Minnesota over their use of fetal tissue all hailed in the name of ‘research.’ It’s been happening on campuses across the nation and Brian is taking a stand against this heinous crime that is underreported–and that’s putting it mildly!

We’ll also explore masculinity – and how as a Church and society, we can make better men with Alexi Sargeant of First Things. He’ll talk about some role models he had growing up that helped him discern what real masculinity is–and we’ll also look at the facade of manhood that is flaunted day and night by mainstream media.

Our good friend, Dr. Matthew Bunson will be with us looking at some key Senate races that we should be concerned about this election season. It could come down to 6 states – are you living in one of them?.. We’ll also unpack more of the Al Smith dinner where both presidential candidates took shots at eachother–and see what Cardinal Dolan witnessed between the two – pretty surprising stuff! You can read Matthew’s work at http://www.ncregister.com!

Thank you for being part of the Morning Glory family! We’re blessed to have you!

Let your voice be heard – leave a comment here and we’ll share it on-air!

–Alyssa Murphy

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Monday Morning Glory with Father Dwight Longenecker!…

Join us as we kick off the week looking ahead at the day’s news including the tragic death of a priest in the Congo over the weekend! We’ll also look at where things stand in the 2016 race for the White House and the 2nd annual Confess-a-thon in Colombia where 123 priests heard confessions for two days straight!

Guests include Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online discussing the life and legacy of now Saint John Paul II as we celebrated his life on Saturday. She attended his canonization and can share some personal stories of how his life and papacy has affected lives across the globe.

We also talk with Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List about new findings in the Wikileaks dump – and how Clinton and her campaign staff thought the videos released by David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress would ‘hurt’ them.

Lastly, we have Father Dwight Longenecker joining to discuss his new book about the power of the Rosary when it comes to spiritual warfare!

Fr. Dwight Longenecker asks, Are you disturbed by the state of our world?
For most of us the answer is yes. The news reports fuel this dread. We see and hear the horrors of terrorism and war, crime, corruption, rage, violence, inequality, poverty, and attacks on human dignity at every level.

We are in a war with evil. It s real, and it s personal.

Here is your weapon, and here is a warrior to fight beside you. In this book you ll learn to pray the Rosary in a whole new way, battling along-side Mary as you pray the 20 mysteries.

Each mystery is aligned with a particular evil, helping you focus on everything from abortion, murder, and genocide, to materialism, illness, and disease, to pollution, corruption, and abuse of the poor.

Through Scripture, reflection, and ten positive things to pray for in each of the mysteries, you ll gain a vision for how the demonic evils can be trampled down through prayer and action.

With Praying the Rosary for Spiritual Warfare, you ll be answering St. Paul s battle cry: Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the cunning schemes of the devil.

Make sure to join us on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory! We’ll be looking for you!

God bless,

Alyssa Murphy

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Fun Friday Morning Glory with Leila Lawlor!

Kick off the weekend with the Morning Glory team as we unpack more from the 3rd and final debate before the presidential election! We’ll talk with March For Life President Jeanne Mancini about Trump’s powerful stance on pro-life issues, Sarah Westwood of the DC Examiner joins to give us the latest on Wikileaks, and we discuss the joy of marriage and how important prayer is to a fruitful and loving relationship with author and blogger, Leila Lawlor!

We love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook, Twitter via @EWTN, or email the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com. Please leavw comments or questions here as well! We look forward to hearing from you!

See you in the AM!

–Alyssa Murphy

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The story of Monica Arbery on Morning Glory with Elisa Cippolone!

This morning on the EWTN airwaves, we discussed a powerful story of faith with Elisa Cippolone of Lifezette. She serves as the Faithzette editor and recounted the story she wrote on Lifezette.com about Monica Arbery. Through a crippling disease at a young age, a young woman discovers God’s incredible plan for her life!

Father Thomas Petri of the Dominican House of Studies led a conversation with Dr. David Prentice on a new study out of London that could potentially lead to doctors playing God, creating designer babies with artificial cells. Learn more about the study by visiting the Charlotte Lozier Institue, which serves as the research arm of the Susan B. Anthony List.

On Wednesday’s, we love to go LIVE to the streets of Rome with Alan Holdren of Catholic News Agency. The Holy Father Pope Francis talked about the spiritual works of mercy during the General Audience. Read more of Alan’s work at http://www.CatholicNewsAgency.com

The big debate is tonight! Make sure to watch and keep the candidates in your prayers–and make sure to join us tomorrow morning and share your reactions!

May God bless you and keep you!

-Alyssa Murphy

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Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with David Adams!

Join us for a Monday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio! We have much to discuss with the big debate tonight and new Cardinals named by Pope Francis–3 are American!

Guests include David Adams looking at the devastation wrought on by Hurricane Matthew and what we can do to help those suffering! Over 500 lost their lives in Haiti and dozens across the coastal states!

We’ll also look at police aggression and why we should care as Catholics. Addie Mena of Catholic News Agency joins to discuss her research. We’ll also look at the interesting life of Charlie Kirk with Catholic Vote reporter, Stephen Herreid!

We love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@EWTN), or email the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy