14 Years after the attack on the World Trade Center… Mother Angelica’s words still ring true….

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Our beloved founder and visionary, Mother Angelica in her first broadcast after the terror attacks that left over 3 thousand killed and changed our sense of freedom forever, expressed upon us other forms of terror. These forms may not seem as apparent since it’s very easy to be desensitized in this age of information overload, but we share with you her message since it’s as clear today as it was 14 years ago…

“I wanted to share with you some thoughts I’ve had about the problems we have in this country, the war, but what kind of war is it? There’s no place to go, nothing that you can think to do that would be right, even though justice is necessary.

I’d like to talk to you tonight about other terrorists.

Let’s take social terrorists – in our country. The kind of terrorists that go into schools and spread drugs. The kind of terrorists that kidnap little children and make them prostitutes and what was always known as white slavery. The kind of terrorists in the entertainment world that put out on television in public, in Europe and all over the world, the worst, worst kind of movies, the most immoral movies. Those are social terrorists. You say, oh no Mother, they, oh yea….look what they have done to this country, look what they have done to our youth. And what is a terrorist, I don’t know what a definition is… someone who wants to destroy.

We’ve had two beautiful buildings destroyed on our land. And many innocent people. People who were blown to bits – just like the first 10, 20 years of abortion. Cut to pieces, thrown in garbage cans and eaten by rats. Same as now. Those are terrorists. I think they’re the worst because they destroy innocence and life and populations. Our population is nothing what it should have been. Millions that belonged to us are gone and to me, and, I might be way off beam, I just want to share my heart with you – all those millions and millions that are gone, they can’t fight for us because they aren’t there. Isn’t that a terrorist thing? Isn’t it terrorism to have Satan’s music for our little ones to absorb and to begin to murder and kill. Isn’t it terrorist to spread drugs everywhere, to push prostitution and immorality among our youth, weaken their hearts, their souls, their minds? Isn’t that terror?

Then there’s spiritual terror, the kind that makes you afraid to say a prayer in public, the kind that makes you hide your crucifixes and anything religious in your office. The kind that says you can’t have a crib in public. That’s a terrorist because, in your heart you want to love God. You want to praise God. You want to say thank you Jesus for coming to save us as a little child. Thank you Lord. I think that’s a terrorism that’s acceptable… but I don’t think it is.

Mr. President, I’m an old lady with a minor little stroke, or whatever it is and only one eye, but I can see – that this nation, great, mighty, a sleeping giant, that could bring the whole world to holiness, goodness, compassion, strength and hope, but I don’t think, unless we tackle the terrorists in OUR country, we can expect God to protect and guide us.

Mr. President, would you consider putting prayer back in the schools and letting us pray at social functions? I understand that you prayed at a football game or baseball game. Could we pray in restaurants and could we have reminders of the Lord God? Can we put a crib back on our lawns and not be afraid of being ridiculed? Mr. President, would you consider having prayer back in the schools? Would you consider taking that horrible law with permission to kill, to terrorize the innocent? I know some of you are mad at me right now. I figure in my condition I have nothing to lose. But would you consider, saying no more abortion is allowed in this country? Would you consider?

Mr. President, I thought your speech was wonderful. I don’t play Democrat or Rebublican. I don’t play anything in politics. I think, in general, politics stinks, but, you gotta vote for somebody. I was proud of you the other day. You were strong and you did put God in. But you see, you can’t have two opposite things. You can’t allow such terrorists in our country.

I know, I know what some of you’re out there are thinking “Well you have your nerve, you’re trying to tell us what to do”. No, I don’t care what you do. If you don’t want to pray, don’t pray. I believe in freeedom of religion. I also believe in God and this country is no longer free. See, if you’re not free Mr. President, you can’t make others free. You can’t give what we don’t possess.

If we offend God by pornography and allowing pornography, by drugs, by not enough care and supervision, by television that’s absolutely rotten, disgraceful, immoral, and allowing innocent children, they feel, those kids feel whatever it is. In the old days they used to have salt saline abortion. They’d burn the little children. As long as that’s a law, it cannot be pleasing to God.

We can’t keep offending God here, then ask for his blessing here. It’s not going to work. Most of you might say, mind your own business and talk spiritual things. I think I am, talking about deeply spiritual things.

And all of you that have been so hidden and hurt because of the way these over 6,000 people died, cruel, without love, without anything. What about those little kids. They had no place to run. They had no place to go. You see, I don’t want to be depressing tonight. I love you. I love you Mr. President. You may never hear this talk. I hope the spirit, in one of your prayer groups, whispers in your ear because I think some drastic anti-terrorism has to be done in this country – to make us free – to make us filled with trust in God. Then, then you can do the work that you have been given to do. And then the almighty God from on high will be with you, and with this country, and with the world.

I love our president and our congress, because they’ve gotten together and they done everything America should do. They rose to the occasion. Just as with Pearl Harbour, the Japanese said they woke a sleeping giant, they did again (now). This time, we have a few hindrances.

I’m only saying that if we’re going to clear out or try to bring to justice terrorists we had better first look at home…. We must be brave and we must accept our penance. We must also change. We must pray, not only for those who died in those terrible, terrible attacks, but have we ever prayed for the children who were murdered, every day? Have we ever said Lord, I can’t stop it but I pray they have a high degree of glory in your kingdom… Let us become a repenting nation and change.”

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