Morning Glory with Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis every weekday AM at 7 ET!


Join us tomorrow morning for Morning Glory.. Because every new morning is a gift!

Guest line-up for tomorrow morning, Monday, September 14, 2015:

Dr. Allen Hunt: Speaker & author

Doug Keck: EWTN COO & host of Bookmark

Dr. Matthew Bunson: Author, historian & theologian

Msgr. Charles Pope: Pastor Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian, Washington, DC

Father John Barry of Saint Edward the Confessor in Bowie, MD

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Catholic from the start!..

Doug Keck, Creator & Host of Bookmark & COO of EWTN joins Morning Glory tomorrow morning at 7am ET!

Doug Keck, Creator & Host of Bookmark & COO of EWTN joins Morning Glory tomorrow morning at 7am ET!

7 thoughts on “Morning Glory with Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis every weekday AM at 7 ET!

  1. Hi Brain and Gloria. Want to let you know my son and I really enjoy your show since it’s aired in the Boston area, but one thing we noticed was that when you’re running through the sports highlights there’s no mention of hockey highlights. We would greatly appreciate it you could include this from now on…and I think the rest of catholic hockey nation would too😉.

    God bless,

    Victoria Rios


  2. Good morning!!☀️Please tell me where I can access ‘Morning Glory’ when it’s not downloaded to the EWTN app. I look forward to it every day. I know recently a week went by before it was downloaded to EWTN’s app. Again today it’s not there. 😢 Is there somewhere else I can access it daily on a regular basis? I’m in Texas. I’m so grateful for ‘Morning Glory’!


  3. On today’s show Gloria mentioned a book written by St Francis de Sales that has helped her with fear. Could you tell me the name of the book?


  4. Gloria, I cannot believe I am writing you…but I must. This morning (October 12) as usual I was listening to your musings…As a Catholic woman who was “trapped” in a physically, emotionally, spiritually destructive marriage for 17 years…I want you to know your intervention was perfect. Had the police responded, or more attention been drawn to that situation, that woman may have felt forced to make a choice that would not have been best for her at all…the behavior you modeled left a seed of hope and strength deep in that woman’s heart.. Seeing another woman, a stranger responding so “forcefully” to behavior she has come to “accept” will stay with her….I can say this with confidence because similar situations happened to me….and those seeds with the Grace of God became the roots that allowed me to leave…Thank you for all you do…your musings are food for the soul!


  5. So what….now what


  6. I am also from the Boston area and have recently started listening to your show. I love it all, but I especially want to say that I love everything Ms. Purvis contributes. Her comments, her musings are so encouraging and I enjoy the woman’s point of view all in her lovely, strong, intelligent voice. Please continue this good work; you are appreciated and needed on the air!


  7. Hi Gloria and Patrick,

    I follow your show Morning Glory almost every day. I recently authored a book called “King of the Shattered Glass” for the first confession age children. It is a richly illustrated medieval parable about glass blowers and the King’s scullery maid who learns the meaning of merciful love. It is published by Marian Press. I also have a downloadable parent/teacher’s companion that goes with the book with coloring pages, discussion and comprehension questions. I think you will love this book. I would like to send you a review copy. Where would I send it? Thanks, Susan J. Bellavance


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