Senator Rand Paul & Craig Stammen of the Nationals join us on Morning Glory!!

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Don’t miss a fun Morning Glory show with Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis along with Father John Barry as we tackle the issues of the day including Pope Francis’ arrival to the US! We will hear from a Senator from Kentucky & 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful, Dr. Rand Paul on his moves to defund Planned Parenthood and the Papal Congressional address. Dan Burke, the Executive Director of the National Catholic Register helps us focus on the spiritual aspects surrounding the visit of His Holiness amidst the crazy stir and pomp and parade of his arrival. We’ll also be joined by Trent Baker to talk sports and then a special visit from the Nationals’ pitcher, Craig Stammen coming fresh off a win (we hope!) as they play the Baltimore Orioles tonight!!

Feel free to tweet in questions to @EWTN or email us:

We we look forward to having you!!

Have a a great eve – see you in the morning!

God Bless!

Alyssa Murphy

Producer, Morning Glory


One thought on “Senator Rand Paul & Craig Stammen of the Nationals join us on Morning Glory!!

  1. I am disapointed in how you handled Dr Carson’s comments about his not thinking that a Muslim could be a suitable POTUS on Monday 9/21/2015. Each of Brian Patrick, Msgr Pope, and Dr Bunson off-handedly dismissed Dr Caron’s assertions, to the point of implying that what he said was thoughtless, and almost wreckless. The time for PC clamor and quaking at the thought of any critical anaysis of Islam is over, and quite frankly, I expected much more from each of you in this regard. I am a big fan of each of yours but this has given me a reason to re-think if I want to be informed during my morning commute by a show that is incapable of analysis (or paralyzed with PC fear) on what is possibly the biggest issue of our time – the rise of Islam over the post-Christian West. I wish that you would have a disussion with Al Kresta, Robert Reilly, William Kilpatrick, Robert Spencer, Stephen Schwartz, or a host of others on this topic. A few hours spent listening to lectures from The Institute of Catholic Culture would go a long way in providing a sound basis to understand the history & theology of Islam, and the possibility that there may be a lot of substance to what Dr Carson says on the matter. I say all this with love and charity that I hope rings through the content of the message, and wish you all Peace in Christ. Very Respectfully,


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