9 thoughts on “Morning Glory with Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis & Father Bjorn Lundberg – 9/24/2015

  1. HI Brian, Gloria and Fr. Bjorn. I just want to tell you that I listen to you every morning. My husband is on local radio so I switch the stations back and forth during the sports, stock market and commercials. I love the dynamic of your personalities together. This past week, Gloria, you were talking about defending a devotion to the Blessed Mother. I thought you would enjoy this article on that topic. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/armstrong/a-message-to-my-mary-phobic-friends

    Happy Advent and God bless you all!


  2. Hi Brian, Gloria & Fr. Bjorn,

    I listen to your show every morning which is saying a lot because my husband is in local morning radio. I switch back and forth when the sports, stock report and commercials come on.

    I love the dynamic energy and fun dailogue between you all. This past week, Gloria. you were defending a devotion to our Blessed Mother. I thought you would find this article right up your alley. http://www.ncregister.com/blog/armstrong/a-message-to-my-mary-phobic-friends

    God bless your Advent!


  3. hard to believe Gloria is a black woman……I listen mainly for her…..she sounds sooo white…….keep on testifying for god sister


    • Technically speaking, you cannot identify a person’s race by the way they speak. What you are detecting is an accent or a particular manner of voicing phonemes (sounds), particularly vowels, as well as different vocal parameters such as pitch, vocal quality, etc. Rate of speech is also an identifying characteristic to voice. Race has nothing to do with it.


  4. I enjoy Gloria’s, ” good morning” at the beginning of each broadcast. So warm and inviting. I also enjoy her reflections she shares about the liturgy of the hours.


  5. I love the show and that Gloria Purvis I listen on my way to work I simply have learned so much from her musings….. what insight and love she has for this.. the best religion on earth she has to know that she touches so many with her devout love for our Holy mother Mary and her glorious son Jesus I pray for you and your family…. Gloria Strong work We need you now more than ever…. your fan in sioux city iowa


  6. LOVE Gloria Purvis….I really identify with the issues she brings up regarding religion, femininity, motherhood, etc. Love the interaction between her and Brian, who is a great radio personality in his own right. Keep you the great work!


  7. Could I please get a copy of the article that Gloria talked about this morning, about young people and pornography and computers… I want to share with my children..


  8. As a long time listener to Morning Glory I want to thank Brian, Fr. Lundberg and his fellow priests for helping me grow in the faith. Gloria, I wish I could say the same but your frequent, seemingly thoughtless, condemnations of your fellow man have, finally, proven too much. God bless and help you all. You’ve just lost this listener.


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