Big Morning Glory line-up tomorrow morning with Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis!

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A not-so-typical way to start your Tuesday morning is with Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis as we cover all the big headlines of the day including conversations from the Papal plane after Papa Francisco departed the US!

We will be joined by Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner to discuss the Papal visit as well as the latest on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Matt Hadro from Catholic News Agency joins to talk about what members of Congress think about Pope Francis’ congressional address. We’ll also hear from our spiritual sidekick, Father John Barry on his Pro-Life take on the new movie, The Martian.

Much to discuss and consider – join the Morning Glory team tomorrow at 7am ET to get your news – all shed with a true Catholic perspective!

Catholic from the start… Because every new morning is a gift!


Alyssa Murphy

Producer, Morning Glory

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