Fun Tuesday Morning Glory at 7am ET!!


Join us this morning as we visit Rome with Alan Holdren on the latest from the synod! Valerie Richardson joins with the latest on the race for the Speaker of the House, and Sarah Westwood joins with a preview of the Democratic debate tonight! Join us on your favorite EWTN radio affiliate! Father John Barry joins Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis on this Feast of Saint Edward the Confessor!

2 thoughts on “Fun Tuesday Morning Glory at 7am ET!!

  1. I listen to your show every weekday morning at 6:00 am Central time on Iowa Catholic Radio. Since first hearing you on “The Sonrise Morning Show”, Brian, I have thought that you do a nice job on EWTN. Your “Morning Glory” show is pretty well-done and the topics are current and relevant. I appreciate what you do and I will continue to listen. That said, please accept a couple of constructive critiques this morning. Gloria, if you would try not to interrupt your guests and try not to say “yeah or yes” after every comment they make, I think that you would be much more effective as a radio personality. Brian, on this morning’s show you discussed tonight’s Democratic debate. You are certainly entitled to your political views and opinion, but please try not to make it so obvious that you are against the Democrats. I don’t know when it became a rule, policy or commonly held view that the only way to be a good Catholic was to be a Republican. I am a moderate Democrat and devoutly Catholic. I am completely opposed to the far left and to many of the governing group of Democrats’ views and policies on abortion, Planned Parenthood, gay marriage and similar topics that go against Church teachings. However, the ultra-conservative, money hungry, “I made my life, you figure out yours” Republicans currently leading that party disgust me and stand for almost nothing that is Catholic. The Republicans make abortion a political issue but have done nothing to meaningfully protect the unborn. In addition, they do nothing to protect the “already born” when it comes to taking guns out of the hands of mentally ill people, immigration issues, social welfare and social justice, championing Christian life in America or in other countries. Since neither of the two US political parties align completely with the Church, I think that it would be prudent of you to discuss politics in light of Church teachings, and not in the context of Democrat vs. Republican parties. Thank you.


    • I have similar thoughts …. am not a Democrat and not a Republican ….. but I wish I could listen to a show sometime and somewhere that POLITICS is NOT discussed….. I really enjoy your show … love the fact that I can start my day with a radio show saying PRAYERS !! Yea !!! So many radio shows have hosts that scream and yell … totally turn me off and so I turn them off … who wants to begin a day with that ??? I love the fact that you mostly keep the show on a light note ….. and like it when humor is expressed ….. Keep up the good work ….. and God Bless


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