Morning Glory tomorrow morning at 7am ET!!

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Join Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis tomorrow morning along with Father Bjorn Lundberg as we discuss the latest on Planned Parenthood, what is happening in Syria with fights over airspace, and big news from the Synod! We’ll be joined by the Executive Director of In Defense of Christians, Kirsten Evans discussing persecution in Syria. Joe Boland of Catholic Extension joins to discuss their recent missions, and Professor & Author Kevin Schultz joins to discus his book, Buckley and Mailer! All this and more on a fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory!

Our conversation is a two way street. Join in anytime by commenting here, posing a question on Twitter, or join the discussion on our Facebook page! Feel free to email us directly as well:

We look forward to hearing from you! Join us tomorrow at 7am ET!!!


Alyssa Murphy

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