Fun Friday Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET!

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Join the Morning Glory team including Brian Patrick, Gloria Purvis, along with Father Aquinas Guilbeau, and Alyssa Murphy as we traverse the political and metaphysical landscapes! We’ll be joined by Christopher White of the Center for Bioethics and Culture work on the tragic death of a surrogate mother and the need for a congressional hearing on baby-farming. William J. Murray will also join us from the Religious Freedom Coalition to talk about the outpouring of Christians into Iraq and European countries with the terror of ISIS still strong as ever. Lastly, we’ll be joined by Dr. Italy himself, Marcellino D’Ambrosio with his take on the ongoing Synod in Rome!

We we need your comments, questions, and suggestions! Please feel free to comment here or follow us on Twitter, @EWTN, or join the conversation on Facebook! You can also email us: We read and check all accounts throughout the day and show so please join the conversation!! We want to hear from you!

See you bright and early tomorrow morning at 7am ET for Morning Glory!

Happy almost-Friday!!


Alyssa Murphy

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