Fun Morning Glory for your Wednesday morning with Leah Libresco!!


Join Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with a Father Dominic Legge as we discuss the news of the day including a Pew Research study about the nation’s religious lanscape! We’ll be joined by Matt Clayton from the Acton Academy discussing the importance of educational choices for your children, Edward Pentin joins from Rome with the latest on Vati-Leaks, and atheist blogger-turned-Catholic Leah Libresco to discuss her new book, Arriving at Amen: 7 Catholic Prayers that Even I Could Offer! All this and more on a fun Wednesday Morning Glory!!

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Wake up with Morning Glory! Catholic from the start… Because every new morning is a gift!


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2 thoughts on “Fun Morning Glory for your Wednesday morning with Leah Libresco!!

  1. I listen to the Morning Show on my way to work daily. I was extremely disappointed in today’s (November 4, 2015) conversation about the private school. I feel bad for all that listened and heard this private school discussed on Morning Glory. The only good about it was that school gained free advertising.
    Your show is CATHOLIC FROM THE START. I believe the only schools you should be discussing should be our own Catholic Diocese schools. Home school parents can benefit using the Catholic School’s programs too. There is so much more than reading, writing and math learned in a school setting. Our catholic schools provide a faith enriched environment for your children as they are away from home. Within the academics our catholic faith is interwoven. Catholic Schools is the only way to further educate a child spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally away from faith driven parents.
    Please check into the Catholic Schools in your area. You will not be disappointed. Catholic Schools are a gift. Take the time to open that gift and give it to your child. You will be doing what is right for your child.
    I wish others will hear about our Catholic Schools on your show In the future.
    Thank you for your time and please become aware of our Catholic Schools. Please respond.
    PS All three of my children have been educated in the Catholic School System. Two have graduated from Catholic Universities so far. From preschool to College our Catholic Schools Educate. God is welcome in Catholic Schools. These schools continue fostering the catholic faith during a child’s day away from their parents. All other schools don’t allow HIS presence. THIS IS SO WRONG AND HEART BREAKING.


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