Fun Finally-Friday Morning Glory tomorrow AM at 7 ET!

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Join Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with Father Aquinas Guilbeau as discuss the most important news stories of the day including a recent stand a Bishop took against a Catholic college that held a Pro-Planned Parenthood event on campus!  Jennifer Morse Roback of Ruth Industries joins to talk about a Pro-Life professor on the West coast losing his job over his beliefs! Stacey L. Worthy of Allied Alliance talks about the skyrocketing premiums Americams across the country are seeing with Obamacare and what can be done with the state of healthcare in the country. Anna Halpine, CEO of FEMM Health joins us to talk about new developments in women’s health, all aimed at weening the culture (smartly, stealthily) off of the pill! All this and more on a fun finally-Friday Morning Glory!!! Join us!!

Please comment here, find us on Facebook, tweet questions or comments to us @EWTN or email us directly:! We look forward to hearing from you!

‘See’ you bright and early!!


Alyssa Murphy

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