Fun Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET with @CatholicFoodie!

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Join us for Morning Glory on Thanksgiving eve with Dr. Matthew Bunson, Gloria Purvis, and Father Bjorn Lundberg as we traverse the day’s landscape of news with Father James Bradley on Bishop-elect Lopes, Bishop Christopher Coyne joins to discuss the Year of Mercy, Jeff Young of Catholic Foodie will be with us to talk your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, and Father Patrick Driscoll of Water Cooler Catechism joins us as well!

Tune in at 7am ET! We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email your favorite dishes, what your most thankful for, or one of your most favorite Thanksgiving memories! Find us on Twitter @EWTN, comment here, or email us:

See you in the morning!


Alyssa Murphy

Producer, Morning Glory image

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