Join us for Morning Glory on @EWTN radio tomorrow 7am ET!

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Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with Monsignor Charles Pope discuss the major headlines of the day including President Obama’s speech this evening on the San Bernardino shooting. We are joined by Dr. Brian Kizcek aka Mr. Rosary to discuss the power of the Rosary, Roger Byron of the Liberty Institute talks about a recent win for religious freedom with the Blandensburg cross in Maryland, and we get a glimpse of our Lady of Guadalupe with Paul Badde discussing his new book out now on Ignatius Press!

Tune in at 7am ET on your favorite EWTN radio station! Feel free to comment here, email us directly:, find us on Twitter: @EWTN, or like us on Facebook! We want to hear from you!

One thought on “Join us for Morning Glory on @EWTN radio tomorrow 7am ET!

  1. Help! I haven’t been able to listen to ‘Morning Glory’ for the last 3 days! I always go to my EWTN app to listen & the shows are downloaded there daily. Within hours of the live broadcast, I can enjoy Morning Glory. I’ve listened as early as 7am central time, but cannot find it there or by searching the web. Please tell me where and how I can find the daily recordings.😊 I miss my ‘Morning Glory’!! Thank you for providing this kind of show and with your fabulous hosts! I enjoy them so much. Great start to each day!
    Christ’s peace to you~
    Katy, Tx


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