Big line-up tomorrow morning on Morning Glory!!


Join Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis along with Father Dominic Legge as we discuss the big news stories of the day including a conversation with Father James Bradley on English martyrs, Andrew Walther of Knights of Columbus joins to discuss a Capitol Hill hearing to add Christians to the declaration of genocide in the Middle East. Former Marine & Christian ethicist, Keith Pavlischek joins to discuss Trump’s recent incendiary comments about banning Muslims from entering the US.

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Alyssa Murphy

4 thoughts on “Big line-up tomorrow morning on Morning Glory!!

  1. I’m not Catholic, but knowing you are out there gives me courage to even open my eyes and face my broken self and this scary world. Gloria Purvis wondered about the American people supporting Trump after he called for a temporary stop to Muslim immigration on today’s show (Dec. 9). I think I can help as the internet provided more information on Islam post-911 for the American people than we ever learned from school, news, culture. Perhaps you could help us understand how the term “noncombatant” can be applied to Islam when their Koran IS a war manual, a how-to book on subjugating the entire Earth for Islam, when they are taught non-Muslims are legitimate war targets, and killing infidels is acceptable to further jihad?

    A few quotes that are making it very difficult for me to understand why any decent person would surrender themselves, their family, community, country to Islam willingly:

    “Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani argues that Muslims should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practice Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle.” There is a term in Islam for overpowering a nation through immigration. Only, they don’t want any other religion to be allowed on Earth finally.

    “Jordanian University lecturer Ibrhim Alloush recommended on Al-Jazeera television that suicide bombers be equipped with small nuclear bombs.”

    I can understand why Muslims don’t speak against their leaders in Muslim lands …”Saudi Interior Minister, “We will cut off tongues of those who try to distort Islam with reform and progress.”… In Jordan under Sharia mothers and daughters murder their “fallen” female relative with axes and then head straight to police to prove they’ve done their ‘duty’ ,,,, and the Jordanian Parliament overwhelmingly rejected a proposed law against ‘honor’ killing.….but in polls and interviews in America, where they are free to practice without fear, American Muslims proclaim their preference for Muslim law and “culture.”

    I think most of us, as Americans, learned long ago we couldn’t be what our parents and grandparents were, but we hold on to some hope that we can keep our broken land and noble heritage from falling into jihad… a collective Sobieski. It is a hill to die on, even for the least of us… even if we would rather find a way to belong, be forgiven, heal … face our past and move forward. Pray for us please, that we can learn. ..

    And forgive our leaders and institutions for betraying us and lying to us about Islam all these generations, especially, and still, post-911.

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of Scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on America-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.).

    D.C. imam openly declares plan to replace the U.S. government with “The Islamic State of North America” by 2050. With branches in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and Philadelphia, the group ‘As-Sabiqun’ – or, ‘The Vanguard’ – is led by Abdul Alim Musa in the nation’s capital.”

    Nonie Darwish, who attended a Gaza Elementary school, writes in “How I Was Raised for Jihad” – “I learned of hate, vengeance, and retaliation. Peace was never an option….They scared us from Jews ..girls were in tears reciting jihadist poetry daily and pledging to give up their lives as martyrs … Indoctrination was not just in schools but also in songs, poetry, movies, cartoons.” – “Teach Kids Peace”

    “Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury.” – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    “The Jews love life, so that is what we shall take away from them. We are going to win because they love life and we love death.” – Nasrallah

    Turkey’s leaders plan Muslim Europe. Moderate Turkey’s moderate PM Erdogan explains: “There is no moderate Islam.”

    “I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure no one but allah is worshipped.” – Osama Bin Laden quoting Mohammad.

    The head of Islam’s holiest mosque, Imam of Grand Mosque in Mecca: “Islam’s enemies include Jews “scum of the earth,” “worshippers of the cross,” “idol-worshipping Hindus.””

    Muslims lie to non-Muslims to further jihad – taqiyya, kitman.

    “Noncombatants?: “911 is Koran 9:111/ Islam: 9;50 – Extermination of all Non Believer, 9:29 Extermination of all Christians and Jews.

    “”A” is for Allah – “Children learn a great many things at Laskhar-e-Taiba junior jihadi school: YOUNG BOY: “I am a soldier of Khalif Farouq-e-Azam and Siddique-e-Akbar. Allah is great. Allah is great. Allah is great. We are the Suns of Truth, the Stars of Greatness. Our hearts are speaking the Koran. We are the awakening destiny of the world.” Impressive and innovative teaching techniques abound: TEACHER: Die… for … Allah. CHILDREN (repeating): “Die…for…Allah”. Some lessons are even presented in English: SCHOOL PRINCIPAL ABDUL HADI: DO for Allah.”

    “Any peace or ceasefire accepted by Muslims is only a hudna (temporary ceasefire based upon the 7th century treaty of Hudaybiyah) with a time limit of ten years and breakable on-demand by Muslims whenever it is to their advantage. Qu’ran 9:3 “Allah is not bound by any contract or treaty with non-Muslims, nor is his apostle.” Qu’ran 8:59 “The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them, They are your enemy and Allah’s enemy.”

    Oriana Fallaci: “To make you cry I will tell you the one of the twelve young men declared impure who at the end of the war in Bangladesh I saw executed at Dacca. They executed them on the field of the stadium of Dacca, bayonetted in the chest and stomach, in the presence of twenty thousand faithful who applauded in the bleachers in the name of “gad.” They thundered “allah Akbar, allah, Akbar.” I know, I know: in the Coliseum the ancient Romans, those ancient Romans of whom my culture is very proud, amused themselves seeing Christians die as meals for lions. I know, I know: in all Christian European countries, those Christians, who in spite of my atheism I recognize the contribution they made to the history of thought, amused themselves seeing heretics burn. However, a lot of time has gone by since then, we’ve become a little more civilized, and even the sons of allah should have understood that certain things are not done. After the 12 impure young men, they killed a child who in order to save his brother who had been condemned to death, had thrown himself on the executioner. His head was squashed by military boots. If you don’t believe it, well, re-read my article or the articles of the French journalists and the Germans who, horrified like me, were witnesses. Better yet, look at the pictures that one of them took. However, this is not the point I want to underline. What I do want to dwell on is that at the conclusion of the slaughter, the 20,000 faithful (many of them women) left the bleachers and went down into the field. Not in an unruly mob-like way, but very orderly, solemnly. Slowly they formed a line, and, always in the name of allah, they stomped on the cadavers. Continuously thundering allah-akbar, allah-akbar. They destroyed them like the Twin Towers. They reduced them to a slow bleeding carpet of squashed bones.” –

    “Lie detectors don’t work in the Arab world. There has to be a physical reaction that signals some sort of recognition of lying (and possible at least a remote aversion to it or fear of being caught doing it.) Our forces found out in Iraq..”

    Frank talk about Islamic law = “Blasphemy”?


    “Christians have no special privileges simply because Christianity was America’s first faith. If America ever was or ever will be a Christian nation,” “it is not by conscious design or written law, but by free conviction. ‘ {7} Success for the Christian cannot be measured in numbers or political muscle, but only in faithfulness. Our most important weapon is not our voting power, but the power of the truth freely spoken and freely heard.” More: “Stands to Reason Radio Show” “Faith of Our Fathers”

    Criticizing Islam: “Consider the scrutiny and criticism that Christianity and Judaism go through. Now consider the same regarding Islam. It makes no sense that Islam should be immune to scrutiny and criticism. I reject, a priori, any assertion that Islam ought to be treated differently from how we treat other religions. A common tactic used to keep Islam immune is to appeal to believers’ feelings and sensitivities. This is ridiculous. Surely Muslims’ faith is strong enough to handle criticism and scrutiny. Or are they admitting that Christians and Jews have stronger faith than Muslims? or that Christianity and Judaism can survive scrutiny and criticism but Islam cannot?” –

    “Creeds must disagree: it is the whole fun of the thing. If I think the universe is triangular, and you think it is square, there cannot be room for two universes. We may argue politely, we may argue humanely, we may argue with great mutual benefit; but obviously we must argue. Modern toleration is really tyranny. It is a tyranny because it is a silence. To say that I must not deny my opponent’s faith is to say I must not discuss it…. It is absurd to have a discussion on Comparative Religions if you don’t compare them.” – G.K. Chesterton

    “At some point we have to face down a culture in which not only the mob in the street but the highest judges and academics talk like crazies. Abdul Rahman embodies the question at the heart of this struggle: If Islam is a religion one can only convert to, not from, then in the long run it is a threat to every free person on the planet.”


    And if this simple, foolish American knows this much about Islam, and listens then to what my world’s leaders and institutions say, you may then understand why Donald Trump’s comment doesn’t alienate the American people …. finally someone is at least admitting the truth. Even if your in a burning building and can’t get out, it is nice to hear an adult say the building IS on fire, and that Islamists DO want us dead.

    Please forgive for the words I said.

    – heather


  2. I was listening to your program this morning and I feel that your reporting about Trump in regards to immigration was inaccurate. I reviewed what he has said from several sources, and as I understand it, he wants to it suspend temporarily. I feel you were leading the listener to believe that he was wanting to discontinue it permanently. I turn to Catholic radio to get truthful reporting and not a eschewed version that someone wants us to believe. I am not a Trump supporter, and whether or not his proposal is good or not, I count on Catholic radio to report it correctly!!!!


  3. I was listening to your program this morning and I feel you inaccurately reported on the Trump immigration plan. I have reviewed several sources and I found he said his plan would be to temporarily suspend it until the U.S. can get a plan together. I feel you were leading listeners into believing it was a permanent plan. I turn to Catholic radio to get the news from a reliable source that will not eschew it. I am not a Trump supporter but I feel that misrepresenting what he says is not fair to the listener.


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