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We have an exciting Morning Glory lined up for you tomorrow morning! Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis will discuss what they plan to do with the billion dollars they hope to win tonight in the Powerball! 🙂

We’ll also talk about more substantive important issues like the US Bishops’ Pro-Life novena kicking off this Saturday, 9 Days for Life, with USCCB’s Anne McGuire! Check out more on how you can get involved by visiting 9DaysForLife.com.

With the President’s State of the Union address still making headlines, we talk to former Texas House of Reps’ lawmaker, Jerry Madden about a missed opportunity to talk on a big bipartisan issue: criminal justice reform! We’ll hear how the Right side of the aisle is actually leading on this topic. For more information, check out RightOnCrime.com!

The next GOP presidential debate takes place tomorrow night in South Carolina. We check in with our dear friend, Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, to discuss what we might hear – as well as the Democratic leader – Hillary Clinton and her sad stance on the Hyde amendment and the ‘abortion on demand’ issue… She’ll also talk a bit about the womens’ legislation behind the March for Life – with events kicking off next week! Learn more about the Susan B. Anthony List by visiting SBA-List.org!

We have Father Bjorn Lundberg, our favorite high school chaplain in-studio with us tomorrow so you won’t want to miss our Thursday edition of Morning Glory – wake up with us every weekday morning – we’re LIVE at 7am ET!

Comment here or pose questions – we love to hear from you! You can also find us on Twitter – @EWTN. We’re also on Facebook and love to read comments on-air from you! You can also email us directly by sending a note to: morningglory@ewtn.com!

Thank you for being a part of the Morning Glory family and helping us continue the mission of our dear Mother Angelica at EWTN! God Bless you!


Alyssa Murphy, Producer, Morning Glory


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