Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

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Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis are back tomorrow morning to walk through the world of news including the shocking turn of events in David Daleiden’s fight to expose the truth behind Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit! Father Dominic Legge joins us with his unique perspective being a past attorney for the State Dept!

Dr. Matthew Bunson also joins to discuss the rare meeting between Pope Francis & Iranian President Rouhani as well as his take on recent changes Pope Francis has decreed regarding Holy Thursday!

Mallory Quigley from the Susan B Anthony List talks what we can expect next in the fight to bring justice to the unborn. We’ll also speak to Sam Meier and his 7 steps for anyone desiring to be free from the addiction of pornography. All this and more on a fast-paced Morning Glory! Join us tomorrow at 7am ET!

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