Fun Friday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

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Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis wrap up a fun week after Snowzilla came to town! Father Aquinas Guilbeau joins along with producer Alyssa Murphy. We’ll discuss the big GOP debate with Colin Hanna, talk about some of the true intentions hidden behind the HHS mandate, and also talk to Rod Bennett about his new book exploring the history of the early Church–all this and more on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory!

One thought on “Fun Friday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

  1. Hello Morning Glory team, I really enjoy listening to your show on my way to work, you cover many great topics, however, when I have time to review I cannot remember what day the event occurred so that I may find more information. Is it at all possible to link websites on your website.
    What I am interested in is an architectural program you had featured one more in January that had to do with students going to Ireland to work on a project. If you could send me information on that I would really appreciate it.

    Stephanie from Holland,PA


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