Fun Friday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET with @JihadWatchRS

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imageJoin Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis along with producer Alyssa Murphy and Father Aquinas Guilbeau as we kick off Super Bowl weekend with Catholic Foodie Jeff Young looking at some yummy spreads for your family and friends! We’ll also test our knowledge with Brantly Millegan of ChurchPOP as he quizzes us on: Are you a Heretic?..

With this week where President Obama visited a mosque in Baltimore touting the importance of religious freedom and talked about his faith at the National Prayer Breakfast, we are blessed to have Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch joining to give us his take on the different stark contrasts between our faith as Catholics and Islam, exploring his new book, Not Peace but a Sword–all this and more on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory! Tune in every weekday at 7am ET!!

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