Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio!

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Join Brian Patrick & Gloria Purvis along with Father Bjorn Lundberg & Alyssa Murphy as we discuss the top headlines of the day including the Pope’s moving border Mass!

Guests include Johnnette Benkovic of Women of Grace discussing how we can live our lives more abundantly with grace! We also have Michael Schuttlofel with the Kansas Catholic Conference to discuss the big freedom rally that took place today in Kansas! We’ll end the show speaking with Jon Conradi of Lifezette discussing what we might expect from the big GOP SC primary this weekend–all this and more on a fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory! Tune in every weekday at 7am ET!

We love to hear from you! Comment here, find us on Twitter: @EWTN, pose questions via Facebook! You can also email us directly:!

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