Fun Friday Morning Glory at 7am ET!


Join Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with Father Aquinas Guilbeau and producer Alyssa Murphy as we discuss the biggest news stories of the day including President Obama’s big trip to Cuba! We’ll be joined by Kevin Cirilli of Bloomberg Politics to discuss some words uttered by Pope Francis that are causing quite a stir in Trump’s campaign trail. Dean Reuter of the Federalist Society joins to talk about Justice Scalia and the vacant spot now on the Supreme Court. We’ll also talk with actress Maria Vargo starring now in Faustina, an on-stage drama currently touring the nation–all this and more on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory! Tune in every weekday at 7am ET!

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday Morning Glory at 7am ET!

  1. Folks,
    I was listening to your radio show in my way to to work this morning around 7:30 a.m. It was early so might have misheard the report. You were discussing the South Carolina Republican Primary results. You mentioned and discussed the primary winner (Trump). Then you spoke about Cruz, his second place finish, and his strategy for continuing. Then you spoke about Kasich and his views and strategy for going forward. But Cruz wasn’t second in SC, he was a close third. Marco Rubio was second. You seemed to completely erase Rubio from the report. I didn’t hear you mention him. He is certainly one of the top three vying for the republican nomination. He’s also the only one that is Catholic. Did I hear wrong (it was early). Did you not mention his on purpose? Why?


    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for writing in! We love hearing from you! I was out this past week but we will definitely address this tomorrow! Rubio is a very strong candidate and we need to support a strong Catholic–thanks for pointing this out! We’d love to hear more from you!

      Alyssa Murphy
      Morning Glory


  2. I am sorry to say your voices do not cover it up well you are not for Trump. He is against abortion Amen & i think he is the only one who will debate Hilary well (she will eat up any other man or woman)


    • Thanks for sharing, Maryann! We will definitely address this tomorrow morning! My favorite line from Trump among many of his policies: ‘We’re going to make sure Chevys are driven in China!’


  3. Would you please stop having Gloria Purvis say, “Good Morning” every time she is intorduced. It’s very annoying.



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