Tuesday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio!


Join us for a fun Tuesday Morning Glory! Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with producer Alyssa Murphy and Father John Barry are joined by Reagan biographer Craig Shirley on the life and legacy of Nancy Reagan, Dr. Matthew Bunson joins to discuss the Pope’s Lenten retreat, and we talk with CUA professor Chad Pecknold about his recent piece in the National Review Online about the 2016 presidential race–tune in and join us!!!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio!

  1. Will you be discussing/reviewing the new movie opening this weekend? The young messiah….


  2. I have to say i was so saddened by the air time you gave to Prince (the musician that just past away). God gave him great talent and what did he do with it? It would have been fine to announce his death but no more. His behaviors his music was very sinful. How sad it was to hear Gloria, that your sister is a great fan of his. I saw no need to share this. The air time he was given on your show would have been such a disappointment to Mother Angelica. If you have time spots to fill, fill them with great stories of the day. For example a great story in ND of siblings who saved their dad’s life. On Sept. 14, Gene Praus was digging a trench on his Dickinson farm. His sons, Jonathan, 22, and Justin, 18, were helping him when Justin noticed the walls of the dirt trench were starting to give way. He told his dad to brace himself. This farmers children were awarded for the saving their fathers life. Here is the link http://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/local/4014482-children-awarded-saving-their-dad#.Vxjgjvj48hs.email

    I worry greatly what will happen to Mother Angelica’s network she built, as Satan & his army work hard to destroy it, with giving someone as Prince such recognition on her network. What are you saying, what are you spreading to the World?


  3. Hi Mary Ann! I very much appreciate your comment and we will discuss tomorrow morning on-air. This is one of the reasons I brought up the story of my father breaking the Purple Rain record – was to express the fact that Prince did do things in his life that were not for the greater glory of God. He did experience a religious conversion toward the latter half of his life, but that doesn’t take away from the impact he had on dragging secular society further into darkness.. Thank you again! I very much appreciate your thoughts and sentiments and we will work to make Mother Angelica proud and bring more to God! God bless you!

    Alyssa Murphy


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