Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

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Join us for a fun Morning Glory! We are joined by Marwa Jaafar of AVSI-USA on the 5th anniversary of the Syrian Civil War–LIVE from Lebanon, Kathleen Hartnett White discussing energy policies shared between Obama and PM Trudeau during the recent White House meeting, and author Christy Beam joins to discuss Miracles From Heaven–now a major motion picture coming out Wednesday–all on this fun Tuesday edition of Morning Glory!

One thought on “Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

  1. Hey guys, i am a regular listener to the show, but in listening to the program Monday morning, I was quite disappointed with one of the guests on the program . Kathleen Harnett White spoke about the “Godly case for Fossil Fuels”. Being a christian and a scientist who has studied climate, meteorology, and now currently a farmer (in addition to my degree in Marine Science & cert in sustainable Ag), i’d like to think i have a fair bit of insight in this area, although continually learning. First of all, Kathleen White is part of the Texas public policy agenda, which is heavily involved in pushing oil and natural gas. Secondly, the first grade half truths she gave about CO2 were extremely disappointing. Rhetoric such as “plants need CO2 to live” is a laughable statement in trying to defend fossil fuels. Photosynthetic organisms need CO2 in addition to many other things in correct proportions ideally. Humans need oxygen (in the correct proportion) and many other things to survive as well. Just because a particular organisms needs some portion of something in order to survive does not mean it’s a good thing to overindulge in that one thing. Try breathing pure oxygen. If you don’t think greenhouse gases (methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, water vapor) warm the earth, walk in a greenhouse in the middle of summer. It’s hot and muggy : water vapor. Pretty basic.
    Converting millions of years of solid carbon to atmospheric carbon (CO2) in a span of 150 years is gonna have some sort of consequence, right ? Pretty basic.

    I honestly feel that much of the evangelical and catholic population has been swindled on this issue by the pro-oil agenda sentimentalizing it. They know that if they can speak to faith groups and market oil as “Godly” then misinformation will spread to the christian side and give this industry strength. The science is clear (period). The earth is warming at a rate much faster than would naturally occur in an inter-glacial cycle and there are consequences for our lack of self-control in this area as the Pope has highlighted. Even if the science on the issue didn’t exist (which it clearly does) then why, as Christians, would we want to support an industry that continually destroys Gods creation with little remorse (BP horizon oil spill, exxon valdez spill, water and air pollution, mountain-top removal, ocean acidification) when we know of better, cleaner options. I also don’t understand the unrealistic fear of many Christians that if they take care of the planet then they are some how practicing pagan earth worship ?? Being environmentally responsible has always been intrinsic in me and i know without a doubt it’s from God. Have we become so insecure in our faith that we cannot do the right thing for fear of being labeled ? I’d like to think that Christians don’t have a monetary interest involved when speaking on energy policy, but i know that’s a naive approach (republican party). The only way this country is going to more forward on this issue is for all sides to accept the truth. I know it’s unpopular to support the left on this issue, but it must happen. We don’t have to accept the other ideals of the left, but just as this country needs both viewpoints to flourish, we must acknowledge truth no matter where it comes from (in a human sense), lest we be hypocrites.

    In relation to petro-fertilizers in farming:
    Any farmer who knows soil health (search Ray Archuleta) knows that chemical fertilizers (petrochemicals) kill soil microbial health and contribute to a “dead” soil system. A system that relies on inputs (ie more fertilizers, and then pesticides) is referred to as an “unsustainable” system, since year after year, as organisms adapt to the higher nutrient, antibiotic, pesticide load, they then become more resistant to such, and thus more chemical must be added to the system. Which, in turn, leads to more runoff pollution, more contaminated crops and sicker workers, and thus higher profits for the oil companies (since they produce the artificial fast release fertilizers, the pesticides, and now GMO crops as well as the ethanol market to boot). All of these factors lead to what? Well, the industry has to come up with a solution to “out-compete” the superweeds, superbugs, etc that are becoming resistant to these toxic inputs OR they can modify the genes in certain crops to withstand these higher herbicide loads (glyphosate) : hence the creation of the Genetically modified crop in the 90s, marketed under the “help feed the world” mantra. I’ve always been baffled as to why many Catholics seem to be just fine with man-created food, yet so against other man made parts of society that replaces trust in Gods will with mans “knowledge”. We know these frankenfoods are not safe as evidence by studies done overseas as some 60 countries have either banned Genetically modified foods outright or planely label them as such. Unfortunately, the U.S, has a plethora of paid studies (by the powers that be) to give the illusion of a safe food. A genetically modified crop must itself be labeled with the EPA as a pesticide. Furthermore, the companies that “produce” these GMO seeds have patented them. This means they can sue you if their seed flies onto your field, and they regularly do. This leads to the next lie of Ms. White : food security. Since our crops have now become a business and not a God given innate right of man, seeds are not allowed to be kept by farmers (seed saving is a basic farming practice from ancient times) leading to farmers having to buy more and more seed, thus creating a financial strain on the farmer (as if any farmer wants to grow GMO crops in the first place). Crop diversity has all but vanished since the invention of the GMO crop (just fly over the Midwest; once bio-diverse grasslands, now corn and soy everywhere). Now, huge fields of one or two crops dominate (mono-culture- Corn and soy mainly). These crops are subsidized, so very few other crops are grown (no biodiversity), which puts food security in a real threat. Growing so much of the same thing is a scary proposition. This is what happened in the Irish Potato Famine. One type of potato, one blight, and ALL crops are lost. When a diversity is grown, all crops will not fail in a catastrophe, such as a new crop pest, disease, or fungus. And another questionable mantra by the biotech lobby “GMO crops increase crop yields.” This is a highly debated area. Crop yields aren’t really the issue with feeding the hungry, it’s the distribution. Not to mention, if it were true that all GMO crops increased crop yields (which they don’t) then we’d still have to evaluate the QUALITY of the crop. I’d take 3 organically grown apples full of their God-given vitamins and minerals vs 5 GMO apples full of glyphosate and lacking half the nutrition of a real apple. If we are concerned with feeding the hungry, we shouldn’t give them tainted food. Enough on that.

    All in all, I just wish everyone to seek the truth. We all know the enemy likes to work from within, so we must objectively, prayerfully seek the truth with none of our interests in mind, but God’s will. It seems pretty clear to me that the oil, gas, coal industry is fighting tooth and nail to stick to their sin and save their profits because they know the writing is on the wall.

    Global Catholic Climate Movement


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