Saint Patrick’s Day Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!!

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Join us for a fun celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day with a British Invasion!

Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with producer Alyssa Murphy welcome Father Lee Kenyon of Alberta, Canada & Father James Bradley into the studio to discuss the Chrism Mass!

We also speak with abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden about her moving testimony on the Senate Floor about the pain babies feel in the womb, and her amazing story beating all the odds and being born after being saved from the dire clutches of abortion!

We’re also joined by author Tim Staples to discuss Mary’s journey to the Cross!

We want to hear from you! Comment here, find us on Facebook, pose questions on Twitter, @EWTN, and you can even email us directly:!

We look forward to hearing from you and having you part of the worldwide conversation on EWTN’s global Catholic radio network!

Erin go bragh!

-Alyssa Murphy

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