Finally Friday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

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Tune in for a fun Friday Morning Glory! Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with producer Alyssa Murphy & Father Aquinas Guilbeau discuss the exciting decision by the State Dept to finally declare the persecution of Christians by ISIS what it truly is: genocide!

We’re joined by Julia Shelava of Project Rachel to discuss hope after abortion and we are blessed to have the Rosary Doctor aka Brian Kiczek to discuss the Feast of Saint Joseph–all on a fun Friday edition of Morning Glory!!

One thought on “Finally Friday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

  1. Love your show , Monsignor Pope u bless us w ur presence and meditations , Gloria u rock w ur Sharings, Mr Patrick I pray for my dad to b more like u, Elisa u are a blessing and the others guests are great. I had to get in my car not to miss ur show since I’m off today. Ur show os addictive ! Many blessings. Mr Patrick I really missed u when u weren’t in the morning show for a while , your testimony as father, divorced but consecrated life witness encourages everybody !for us married couples too, Gloria u sound so young girl and so mature in spirit . I pray for all of u , thank u , gracias , Danke


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