Wake up with Morning Glory on EWTN radio!

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Join us for Morning Glory! We kick off at 7am ET every weekday discussing the day’s headlines including the President’s historic trip to Cuba and Trump’s speech to AIPAC!

We’ll be joined by Arleen Spenceley discussing chastity and what true love really is. Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch breaks down the latest from the batch of Clinton emails just released Friday.

We also have the pleasure of speaking with EWTN’s own Raymond Arroyo about his new book for children and the amazing adventures of Will Wilder!

We love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment here, find us on Facebook, pose questions via Twitter: @EWTN, or email us directly: morningglory@ewtn.com!

‘See’ you bright and early! We’ll be looking for you!


Alyssa Murphy


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