Exciting Morning Glory planned for tomorrow 7am ET!

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Join Brian Patrick and Gloria Purvis along with producer Alyssa Murphy and Monsignor Charles Pope as we discuss the biggest news stories of the day including the Alabama Legislature passing a bill honoring our dear Mother Angelica!

We are joined by the Heritage Foundation to discuss the recent Mississippi bill that preserves religious liberty throughout the state. We’ll also be joined by Hanceville, Alabama mayor Kenneth Naill to discuss Mother’s legacy in the city and across the state. Brendan Kirby of Lifezette joins to go over the post-mortem of Wisconsin’s big primary taking place tonight, and we’ll check in with our favorite bioethicist, Dr. Theresa Deisher as we look at the impact of fetal stem cells on autism–this April–Autism Awareness Month!

We love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, find us on Facebook, pose questions via Twitter @EWTN, or email the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com!

Thank you for your support and listenership! We’re happy to have you!

God Bless!


Alyssa Murphy

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