Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!


The Morning Glory team discusses all the major news stories of the day including the Pope’s recent comments on mercy! Guests include Anne Masters discussing the Living Fully conference in Rome this summer, Kellie Fiedorek of Alliance Defending Freedom on the recent transgender bill in North Carolina, and we talk with Jon Conradi of Lifezette just before the Wisconsin primary–all on a fun Tuesday edition of Morning Glory! Join us!


Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET!

  1. I am very grateful for your show each morning, as I am for so much of Catholic Radio! I would Just like to offer a quick clarification on a comment by Gloria about St. Joseph this morning. She referred to him as “marrying his pregnant fiancée.” Because of their solemn betrothal, Mary was legally his wife, but they had not “lived together”, as was the custom. If they were not legally married, why would St. Joseph even think of “divorcing her quietly”? I believe it is very important to be accurate about this, especially since so many young people today are confused or casual about the sacredness of marriage and the necessity of commitment to conjugal love, not “cohabitation”. Mary was not “a pregnant unwed mother”! She was a consecrated Virgin who accepted the legal protection of St. Joseph in marriage. Thank you, again, for your show!


    • Thanks for writing in, Mary! We’ll definitely mention this on air tomorrow! You put it so succinctly–and so beautifully!
      A very important distinction!

      Thank you for listening! Hope to hear from you more!



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