Tuesday Morning Glory kicks off 7am ET on EWTN radio!!


Join the Morning Glory team as we take a look at the Fox News interview with President Obama with Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner! We also explore Mars with Chris Carberry, and discuss the Protestant’s Dilemma with Devin Rose of Catholic Answers!

We love to hear from you! Comment here, tweet to the show using @EWTN, find us on Facebook, or email us directly: morningglory@ewtn.com!


Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Glory kicks off 7am ET on EWTN radio!!

  1. I love your show! question about Feisty and Feminine. I don’t see the workbook that goes with it. Where does one find that? thanks!!
    AND, I love Gloria .. she always sounds to enthusiastic! So happy that she’s from my state! South Carolina.
    Of course I love Brian too, , but I loved him already from EWTN Nightly News, so that’s old news.


    • Hi Mary!

      Great to hear from you! Will share on-air tomorrow! We love hearing from you!
      If you check out FeistyandFeminine.com, the info should be there.. If it’s not,
      lemme know and I’ll ask Penny Nance directly!


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