Funday Monday Morning Glory with Monsignor Charles Pope


This morning on EWTN radio, we we’re joined by the one and only Monsignor Charles Pope! We also were privileged to have Diana von Glahn join us sharing the latest on her series, The Faithful Traveler, kicking off this summer on EWTN TV! Jon Conradi from Lifezette stopped by to give us the lowdown on what we can expect from the upcoming NY Primary, and for Pro-Life Monday, Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List discusses the issue of gendercide within our own country–all this and more on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory!

Join us again tomorrow as we have former Olympian Rebecca Dussault talking faith and fitness and EWTN’s own chaplain Father Patrick Mary is with us!


Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Funday Monday Morning Glory with Monsignor Charles Pope

  1. This is for Msgr. Pope.
    My sympathies for your loss of your pet and companion, David(?). Both my children suffer from depression, and our pet and companion Yum Yum has been a great coping mechanism for them and the whole family. She is 18 and we cannot afford to find out what is wrong with her; she’ll be probably be leaving us soon.
    I found the following prayer this evening and thought about you.

    “Loving God, our beloved pet and companion, ________, is on his/her final journey. We will miss ________ dearly. We thank You for the gift that she/he has been to us. Give us hope that, in Your Great Kindness, You may restore ________ in Your Heavenly Kingdom according to Your Wisdom, which goes beyond our human understanding.”

    Also, Monday, you were talking about being in awe of God. A few years back, the Holy Spirit had me pen this prayer.
    “As an innocent child stares in wonder at a leaf falling from a tree, so too may I be filled with awe at the beautiful things God places before me each and every day. Amen.”

    God bless,
    Genesius Jaromsky
    Robbinsville, NJ


  2. Msgr. Pope. Yum Yum is with David(?) now. She passed away in my arms.
    Please pray for God’s consolation be upon, not me so much, my daughter and son to help them in their emotional illnesses.
    God bless,


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