Monday Morning Glory with Tom McClusky!

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Join the Morning Glory team for your Monday morning as we discuss the biggest news stories of the day including Mother Angelica’s Memorial Mass!

Guests include Elisa Cippolone of Lifezette about faith and marriage, Tom McClusky about Donald Trump supposedly trying to change the GOP platform on abortion, and we look at the evolving Catholic culture within new evangelization with Terrence McKeegan –all on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory! Tune in every weekday at 7am ET!

‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

One thought on “Monday Morning Glory with Tom McClusky!

  1. Hello!

    I really enjoy listening to Morning Glory on my way to work each morning, but I wanted to communicate to you my growing disappointment with the tendency of some of the programming to mimic secular news stations. I do not listen to Morning Glory, or EWTN, for that matter, to hear about sports, news of the election or about President or Michelle Obama, VP Biden, or any other political figure UNLESS the reports or commentary have a direct relation to the Church. I can hear secular news on practically any other AM or FM station. I do not tune into Morning Glory for secular news. I want to be informed on Faith matters and on the Church.

    So, if you must report secular news in order to hold an audience, please, at least relate it to the Faith.

    Thank you for listening.


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