Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Connie Marshner!

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Join us for a fun Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET! We have Dr. Matthew Bunson of Our Sunday Visitor, pro-life advocate Connie Marshner talking about the deadly RU-486 pill, Therese Bermpohl of the Arlington Diocese discussing Mother Mary during this month of the Blessed Mother, and we hear about a new story in Lifezette by Carleen Wild on the detrimental impact of drinking on babies – even if your a male–all on a fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory!

Our favorite high school chaplain Father Bjorn Lundberg is back with us!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

One thought on “Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Connie Marshner!

  1. Greetings from India!
    I love your show.It’s a good break for me as it’s almost evening.So I listen n work on the EWTN app on my phone….whenever possible. I’ve been pestering you with requests for Sound Cloud posts. From my limited perspective, if you post it regularly, there’s a chance of touching another soul or better many more souls who can’t listen live. I didn’t know about EWTN till I made a search on Google about Mother Teresa. …and Mother Angelica showed up….with her famous ‘Keep us between your gas n electricity bills’ .At first I thought she was a self-styled independent Nun…trying to make quick money! We just can’t guess how The Holy Spirit chooses to do His job….even if it’s through frail mortals such as me. But EWTN has been my staple spiritual diet after Holy Mass, the Sacraments and Prayers.
    Would appreciate a reply with links to the posts.
    Also, if you permit I can send you UCAN news that covers all that the mainstream secular media hides. We are ruled by an anti Christian Government. I receive UCAN NEWS in our morning. It exposes many attrocities inflicted upon Indians especially the tribals & poor, attacks on Churches, cemeteryies etc. Thank you for your great work. God bless
    With your permission I’ll dm links. It’ll authenticate my content.


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