Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Professor Stephanos Bibas!


The Morning Glory team will discuss all the breaking news of the day including Hillary’s faulty and fraudulent email server as reported by the Inspector General today..

Guests include Father Dwyer, a chaplain for the Military Archdiocese as we reflect on Memorial Day coming up this weekend. We also visit with Ann Oldenburg of Lifezette as we celebrate the lives of those who died for our freedom. We also talk with UPenn’s Professor Stephanos Bibas on a report he has out on mass incarceration – all on a fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory!

God Bless!

Alyssa Murphy

5 thoughts on “Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Professor Stephanos Bibas!

  1. Funny how Soon we forget, huh?

    I loved the movie, “Forrest Gump” and I respect what Gary Sinese does for our troops.

    But wasn’t it just a year ago that Mr. Sinise was spitting in the Church’s face by publicly questioning the Church’s teachings on marriage and publicly refusing to associate with any Catholic group that stood up for traditional marriage?


  2. Let’s say that there is 3 million ( mostly men, notice you don’t hear anyone crying about equal female representation in this case) in prison. There are 320 MILLION people in the us. Is it so bizarre that 3 % of the population is at one time in prison? Sounds about right to me.

    And non violent drug crime? Didn’t you guys just do a bit on the opiate problem? A friend of mine just lost her sister to an overdose. Don’t tell me that drugs are non violent.

    If you don’t want to act civil, then you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in civil society. Please. This is liberal nonsense. And a law professor? They are all big libs. And the so called minority communities like Indian and Asian don’t commit the crimes blacks and Latinos do. Why don’t we hear about that? Some cultures have unfortunate aspects. The Romans had a stupid number system, the Arabic system always better. Should we be crying about the unequal treatment of number systems? No. Some cultures have bad aspects to it. The American black culture doesn’t value eduapcation and values rebellious, anti social behavior. Look at their music. Please. It’s not black culture that needs to change, it’s the justice system, what nonsense.

    You guys fell for this liberal lawyers verbal virtuosity.

    Let’s visit and minister to prisoners, not try to excuse them like libs.

    OtherwiseGreat show!


  3. where can I find the quote of Catherine Sienna that was quoted on today’s program?


  4. What was the website for the conference on the family tonight with Mrs. Beene?


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