Kicking off Memorial Day weekend on EWTN radio tomorrow with Kim Ruocco!

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Join us as we kick off the long weekend with Dr. Matthew Bunson joining us for Morning Glory along with the entire team including Monsignor Charles Pope and we’ll have Jack Williams playing a bigger role than just our MG sports guru!

Guests include Kim Ruocco of TAPS as we discuss the surge in veterans’ suicides as we go into the weekend remembering those that have died keeping our country safe. We’ll also get the latest on the Hillary Clinton email situation with Senior Editor of the Federalist, David Harsanyi. With summer just around the corner, we’ll visit the gorgeous parks of our nation with author Penny Musco–all on a fun reflective Friday edition of Morning Glory!

See you in the AM!


Alyssa Murphy

One thought on “Kicking off Memorial Day weekend on EWTN radio tomorrow with Kim Ruocco!

  1. Hi my name is tony from Kenmore, NY outside of Buffalo, NY.
    I left the faith 34 years ago, iam 52. I have been a Baptist, Episcopal, etc. Let’s say I have been around searching for the ” Truth” for a long time . I have been listening to Mother Angelica for a few years, watching the Mass, and listening to your show “Morning Glory”. I have been through a lot bad divorce, cancer in past, lost three of my kids ( 3 boys at 17 wks not developed, my daughter is 30 that God for her. My Mom Jeanette Stanley has dmentia after 40 years of Public Service and Education. Well after all this , God is letting my friend Mary and I to take RCIA classes this Fall and return to the Church. Both of us have been good friends, have our own lives, but there to help if needed. Please keep us in pray especially my mom . Ewtn is like “Family” .
    Thank You for what you all do , our prays for you all especially Fr. Mitch.

    God Bless !

    Anthony DiPiano


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