Morning Glory kicks off tomorrow with Carrie Gress!

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Join us bright and early as we kick off another full week of Morning Glory! We’ll be discussing the recent news of Stem Express and Planned Parenthood in cahoots to profit off the selling of aborted baby parts – direct evidence in emails between the two entities – and the blind eye by the Obama Administration to the State Department’s obvious intentions and actions to conceal information regarding the Iran Deal from the American public – in the editing of the State Dept video..

Guests include Carrie Gress who blogs for the National Catholic Register, sharing her new book: Ultimate Makeover: The Transforming Power of Motherhood! Learn more about the book and Carrie here:

We’ll also be joined by Brantly Millegan, the man who created ChurchPoP, a ‘Buzzfeed’ for Catholic news. The site is now part of the EWTN family! Check out some of the fun quizzes by visiting

We’ll also be joined by pro-life advocate and a true pioneer of the sidewalk counseling movement, Tamara Cesare who has such unique stories to share about the fear and hostility many women face as they walk, sometimes alone, into an abortion clinic.. and the friendly voice they hear from those that counsel and offer an opportunity to change the hearts of those that are considering killing the life within the womb. Learn more about Tamare by visiting!

We LOVE to hear from you! Join us here by commenting or leaving questions/ideas/thoughts, like us and join the conversation via Facebook, tweet to the show directly by using @EWTN, or if you want to send a message directly to the producer of Morning Glory, find us here:!

Have a safe and blessed evening – and we’ll look for you in the morning, bright and early, 7am ET!


Alyssa Murphy

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