Fun Wednesday Morning Glory with Jeanne Mancini!

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Tune in bright and early for Morning Glory as we look at the post-mortem of the Primary in California and 5 other states! We’ll be joined by our Father Dominic Legge as well who always unleashes some amazing Aquinas logic on us!

Guests include President of March For Life, Jeanne Mancini looking at a recent article in Glamour Magazine that lies about women supposedly inducing abortions. You can read more about Jeanne’s work by visiting!

We’ll also go LIVE to Rome with Elise Harris of Catholic News Agency for the latest from Pope’s General Audience. Read her work at EWTN’s!

Finally, we’ll talk with double amputee and US Army Combat Veteran, Brian Mast about his inspiring story on the battle field; his struggle, his faith, and determination now to make a difference.. More information can be found at!

We look forward to seeing you in the morning! Grab your cup of joe and come join us on the airwaves!


Alyssa Murphy

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