Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Brad Wilcox!


Join us for Morning Glory bright and early on EWTN radio! We’ll be discussing the bachelor life – men and marriage with our friend, Brad Wilcox with the National Marriage Project. Are there actual real quantifiable benefits for men getting married?. Brad will answer all your interpersonal questions! Check out his work at!

We also hear about 19 Yazidi women who made the decision of death instead of living at the hands of their ISIS captors with Elisa Cipollone of Lifezette. Her faith-filled work can be found at!

Tomorrow is the day that assisted suicide in Canada will be legalized. We have the blessing of talking with former Marine, cancer survivor, and President of Patients’ Rights Action Fund, JJ Hanson. He’ll share his unique story choosing to overcome the odds and not give in to an easy way out. To learn more about his incredible work, visit!

We also love to hear from you! Comment here, find us on Facebook or Twitter @EWTN, or email us directly:!

‘See’ you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Fun Thursday Morning Glory with Brad Wilcox!

  1. Dear Morning Glory Team,
    Listening to your excellent coverage, discussion, and comments on the most important issues of life, and justice this morning I share my own reflections. …. It is sometimes easy for us as individuals to have our emotional energy (often anger, frustration, hopelessness) directed at an organization, cause or individuals. I personally believe that the only “Master Plan” of evil and wrong misdirecting our thoughts and emotions is not a Political Party, individual, or organization. The only “Evil and wrong” that can have such span of influence over such wide distance, time, and groups (Iraqi women burned in cage for rebelling against sex slavery and abuse, California Legislature passing life stealing legislation, Medical Organizations or Doctors making life determining life limiting judgements) is Evil itself. Satan exists for the purpose of hurting, killing, stealing Gods beauty, Grace, Glory, etc.

    We must not let our energy and emotions be wasted on Shadows and decoys. The Great Wisdom of God as so beautifully shared and taught by The Church is to focus on the Good, Life, and Love…. A recent quote I heard on EWTN which was wisdom given to a young woman fretting how she could possibly have an effective influence and contribution to the most important battle for Sanctity of ALL Life is to Stay Married and raise a Large Family. The great Saint and Doctor of the Church St. Augustine, stated that “if he was told that the world was about to end and he had only a few days left he would plant a tree” being an avid Gardener of Trees.

    Thank you for your wise and faithful service to all of Gods People. May Gods Grace, Goodwill, and Protection continue to cover and lead you.

    Yours Truly in Christ’s Love,


  2. Just wanted to express my gratitude for this show. Listen to you guys every morning while I’m getting ready for work. Thank you for all the great topics you guys discuss every day. And also enjoy Mother Angelica’s inserts by Gloria. God bless and keep this show going! “HELLO FROM FORT WORTH TEXAS” 🙂


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