Finally Friday Morning Glory with Immaculee Ilibagiza!

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Join us bright and early for Morning Glory as we discuss the breaking news out of Ireland where the UN is claiming an abortion ban is essentially illegal.. We’ll also cover the political realm with President Obama endorsing Hillary and Sanders stays in! Newt Gingrich came out strongly today saying “Trump is virtuous compared to the Clintons…”

Guests include Catholic Foodie Jeff Young joining us to share his summer secrets on the grill with temps across the country soaring! Find out more about him by visiting!

Blogger and author Jeannie Ewing joins to talk about National Apert Syndrome Awareness Month, in light of the new movie out now romanticizing assisted suicide, which became legal today in California.. Her blog can be found!

Finally, we’ll be joined by Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza with her riveting story of survival huddled with 7 other women in the 3-by-4 foot bathroom of her pastor’s home, silently praying and clinging to the rosary beads as she heard Hutus shouting her name outside the door! Learn more about her by visiting!

We are grateful to share our mornings with you! Feel free to write in anytime, comment or leave questions here!


Alyssa Murphy

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