Morning Glory kicks off 7am ET with Steve Wood!

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Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow morning at 7am ET as we try to shed light on the horrific event that took place in Orlando over the weekend. We look at the Church’s teaching on guns and murder with Father Thomas Petri, OP, who will also serve as our Godly Counsel.

Guests include Steve Wood of Family Life Center about we celebrate Father’s Day with Dad’s Day quickly approaching this weekend. Learn more info at!

We’ll also check in with our Rome Bureau Chief of Catholic News Agency for the latest from the Pope’s General Audience. Alan’s work can be found at!

The Theology of the Body–so many important lessons to shed from this and how would it best best shared with the teen/youth demographic?.. Through a DVD of course! Brian Butler of Dumb Ox Ministries co-authored YOU out now via Ascension Press–he’ll join us to discuss the project and his 15 years of experience working in youth ministry! Learn more about YOU at!

‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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