Honoring Fathers on a Friday Morning Glory with Brian Brown!

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Join us Friday morning for a ‘Finally Friday’ Morning Glory! We’ll have Father Carter Griffin joining us as our spiritual sidekick, aka Godly Counsel! We’ll discuss the recent news including a big move in Kentucky where an illegal abortion clinic can finally be shut down after a ruling from an Appeals court, Catholic Senator Marco Rubio deciding perhaps to run again after the Orlando massacre, and some interesting sentiments from Senator John McCain regarding President Obama…

We’ll celebrate Father’s Day to kick off the weekend! Hospital chaplain at the Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville joins to talk about his important work and Saint Joseph! We’ll also talk about hope one can find after an abortion with the help of Project Rachel with our dear friend Mary McClusky of the USCCB, and finally, we’ll be joined by Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage to talk about the vital work father’s do every day in the lives of children across our nation and around the world!

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Thank you for being part of the Morning Glory family! We pray for you, our dear listeners, every day!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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