Fun Wednesday Morning Glory with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn!

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Morning Glory goes to the movies!

Join us bright and early for Morning Glory tomorrow with Father Dominic Legge back with us! We’ll discuss all the latest and breaking news including the Benghazi report released detailing the lack of support that was sent to our soldiers standing guard while over 70 Libyan Jihadis attacked the US compound and the latest attack on the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, leaving at least 40 wounded.

Guests include Stephen Herreid of and discussing a new movie about a man finding his faith and sticking up for the Voiceless. We’ll discuss how you can get this movie to your local theatre and get his take on the 2016 campaign trail and the Catholic vote!

We’re also joined by the Chairwoman for the Select Panel on Infant Lives, the Honorable Marsha Blackburn representing the 7th Congressional district of Tennessee to get her reaction of the latest Supreme Court ruling on the Texas abortion laws and where the panel stands now for the atrocities being committed everyday inside Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide.

Another movie out this Friday in select cities, The INNOCENTS, tells the haunting, post-World War II drama about Mathilde (Lou de Laâge, Breathe), a young French Red Cross doctor whose life is radically transformed when she comes to the aid of a group of young Polish nuns whose lives and faith have been dangerously tested. THE INNOCENTS is based on the true story of heroic French doctor and Resistance fighter Madeleine Pauliac. Selected for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, and winner of the Audience Award at COLCOA 2016. We’ll discuss the film with the French director, Anne Fontaine, most notably known for Coco Before Chanel.

Make sure to join us and enter the conversation via Twitter (@EWTN), find us on Facebook, comment here, or email the show directly:!

See you bright and early!

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