Finally Friday Morning Glory with Father Paul Scalia!


Join us bright and early for Morning Glory at 7am ET on EWTN radio!

We’ll discuss the latest news including the secret meeting Bill Clinton had with Attorney Loretta Lynch on the day of the Benghazi findings AND the day top aides were deposed by Judicial Watch over Hillary’s email server. We’ll also discuss the tragic shooting of a Coptic priest in Egypt by ISIS as we all grapple with this world of terror we now find ourselves in.

Guests include Father Paul Scalia who will be reflecting on Cardinal Sarah’s recent words at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast on gender ideology as our military has no opened the gates for those that are transgender to serve. We’ll also check in with Catholic Charities and discuss the great work being down in West Virginia after devastating floods that left at least 25 dead and so many more displaced. We also learn more about the great work of the Laboure Society with Elizabeth Santorum – all on a fast-paced Friday edition of Morning Glory!

Join us every weekday morning plus Saturday as we peruse the day’s headlines and inject a Catholic perspective into the stories that shape our world today. The conversation is a two-way street. Find us on Facebook, tweet to us @EWTN, comment here, or email the show directly:!

God bless!


Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Finally Friday Morning Glory with Father Paul Scalia!

  1. Thanks for the segment on dress. As a man, I am constantly offended by womens (and girls!) immodest dress. I am told its my fault that they can wear what they want. At the gym, where women wear what prostitutes use to to wear, I saw a sign that said, “don’t stare at other gym members” and it had a picture of a woman glaring.

    How hypocritical. Thank you, for this segment.


  2. I might add that this is in the realm of “female privledge” we are constantly told there is a war on women, but women dress immodestly, and then get to be self righteous about people staring at them! Or, more precisely, people who they DONT WANT to stare at them.
    They can dress to attract attention to their bodies, then complain when it attracts attention! Female privledge!


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