Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Jack Minter!

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Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET as we discuss the major news of the day including the US slapping economic sanctions against North Korea’s Kim Jong-un for the FIRST time. We’ll also preview what we might expect from the GOP’s meeting with FBI James Comey after his decision not to indict Hillary Clinton over her server situation.

Guests include Brendan Kirby of Lifezette to discuss what might come of the email scandal and if there might be anything else that might come from the investigation. We’ll also talk with Louis Brown Jr., Esq. of Christ Medicus Foundation as we explore alternatives to health care for Catholics, so one won’t compromise one’s faith. We’ll also talk about Saul of Tarsus with Jack Minter who believes perhaps, he was the first terrorist?.. Much to unpack and we hope to hear from you!

See you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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