Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET with Devin Rose!

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We’ll be LIVE on EWTN radio tomorrow morning at 7am ET!

Brian Patrick is back and will be joined by Leah Libresco of tomorrow along with Father Carter Griffin and producer Alyssa Murphy.

We’ll be discussing the recent wave of violence against police officers including the horrific shooting in Dallas, and now Indiana, and Michigan! Mother Angelica, pray for us!

Guests include Devin Rose discussing his new book: Navigating the Tiber: How to Help your Friends and Family Journey Towards the Catholic Faith. Learn more about Devin and his book at!

We’ll also explore and preview a House hearing tomorrow on the First Amendment Defense Act with William Wolfe who serves as Deputy Director of Government Affairs for Heritage Action. The hearing will also touch upon the Freedom of Conscience Act. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan considers this to be an extremely important piece of legislation. Please feel free to reach out to your member of Congress to ask for their support! Learn more by visiting

The Morning Glory team will also explore interpersonal relationships with Judy Keane, discussing her new book: Single and Catholic: Finding Meaning in your State of Life! As a not-so-newlywed (married 3 years ago this past March), it will be an important look at how we work to build a relationship with God – and come to terms with the plan the Lord Jesus does have for us as we follow him. Learn more about the book by visiting

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