Join us for Morning Glory 7am ET with The Catholic Association!

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Join us bright and early for Morning Glory! Brian Patrick is joined by Maureen Ferguson of The Catholic Association, producer Alyssa Murphy, and we have Father Vincent De Rosa back with us!

It’s a big day with the House voting on the Conscience Protection Act, legislation that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan considers to be of utmost importance in today’s secular climate. We’ll discuss the particulars with USCCB’s Deirdre McQuade.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch spent 4 hours on the Hill this morning evading questions from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle revolving around her quick decision to take FBI Director James Comey’s word on not indicting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Her refusal to answer questions clocked in at 75 times – and the hearing was only halfway through. We’ll discuss the Attorney  General’s elusive answers with Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner.

Our dear Foundress, Mother Angelica, went to be home with the baby Jesus on Easter of this year. We’ll reflect on her life with editor Brandon McGinley of EWTN Publishing. Find all of Mother Angelica’s work at

Hope to see you in the morning bright and early–we’ll be looking for you!


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