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Join us tomorrow morning on the EWTN airwaves as we discuss the Republican National Convention and delve into what might be the Catholic response to such tragic stories unfolding in our world today including the terrible shooting in Baton Rouge that left 3 officers dead, another one still fighting for his life currently in critical condition. We’ll also try to make sense of the coup in Turkey that took place over the weekend and the government’s response to fire at least 9,000 employees…

We’re happy to have Amy McInerny of Human Life Action back with us! She’s been part of the pro-life movement since Roe v. Wade and has a wealth of wisdom in the evolution of the pro-life movement. She’ll speak with Mary Fiorito tomorrow about this long rich history and where the movement is heading now. Mary is currently serving as a Cardinal George Fellow for the Ethics and Public Policy Center. Find out more about their work at

We’ll also take a look at the Republican National Convention unfolding. The theme today dealt with national security issues – how to make America safe again. We’ll talk with Tom McClusky of March for Life about the GOP’s platform on life issues. Check out Tom’s work at

With at least 150,000 Syrians displaced with the war-torn region in the Middle East, under the scourge of ISIS, we will talk to a Syrian woman now working with AVSI International about her work. She is currently serving as Educational Coordinator in Lebanon, a country that has taken in the most refugees. She spent the day testifying in front of the United Nations about the dire situation on the ground – and how politicians, leaders, and the media might paint a more positive narrative regarding the refugee crisis and migration – amidst these tumultuous times. Learn more about AVSI’s long history of work at

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God Bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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