Join us tomorrow morning 7am ET for Morning Glory with Amy McInerny!

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Tune in bright and early on EWTN radio! The Morning Glory Team will traverse the day’s landscape of news with Brian Patrick, Amy McInerny, Father John Paul Mary, and Alyssa Murphy. We’ll discuss the latest at the RNC in Cleveland with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaking this evening on issues surrounding the American economy!

We’ll be joined by Mary Rice Hasson of The Catholic Women’s Forum, an initiative that responds to Pope Francis’s call for Catholic women to assume a higher profile within the Church and to think with the Church in addressing the problems of today. Learn more about this initiative and Mary’s work at

We’ll also get the latest on the ground from the GOP Convention in Cleveland with Jason Calvi, a reporter for EWTN’s News Nightly. The GOP has laid out the strongest life platform ever – and we’ll hear the latest on speeches taking place this evening on the American economy.

Catherine Glenn Foster, an attorney who is known for her extensive work with the Alliance Defending Freedom, now is an associate scholar for the Charlotte Lozier Institute. She’s also LIVE in Cleveland and will be sharing her work regarding euthanasia/assisted suicide and other life issues taking center stage at the Republican National Convention! Learn more about Catherine’s work by visiting!

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