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Join us tomorrow morning at 7am ET as we discuss the big night ahead at the Democratic National Convention with the president of Planned Parenthood slated to speak. On the day of Cecile Richards’ speech, we also learn that David Daleiden has been CLEARED of all charges given his Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalism that exposed the abortion giant as a money-making business that has no care for the babies being killed every day.

Guests include Dr. Grazie Christie of The Catholic Association discussing the Democrats extreme pro-abortion platform and what future the Conscience Protection Act within our nation where religious freedom is under attack. Find out more about TCA at

We’ll also discuss a new Marist poll out showing an interesting perspective most Americans have when it comes to abortion. The poll shows that the majority of citizens within our country want some restrictions on abortion, despite the position of many Democrats that think they’re shouldn’t be any, all in the name of ‘women’s health.’ Andrew Walther of Knights of Columbus has worked extensively within this new research and we’ll get the latest from him. Learn more about the Marist poll by visiting

The DNC is in full swing! We’ll go LIVE to the convention floor with Catherine Szeltner of EWTN’s News Nightly to hear about a familiar voice that sang, and the speeches slated for this evening, including former president, Bill Clinton, speaking on the night his wife is expected to accept the nomination.

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Alyssa Murphy

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