Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Father Andrew Walsh!


Join us for a fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Father Thomas Petri joining us discussing the big Midwest Catholic Family Conference taking place this weekend in Wichita with Father Andrew Walsh. We’ll also look at the day’s headlines including the Supreme Court blocking a  ruling that allowed a transgender Virginia student to use the boys’ bathroom.

Other guests include Donna Rice Hughes of Enough is Enough about a new anti-pornography pledge that aims to make the internet safer. Donald Trump has recently signed the pledge. We’ll discuss how you can get involved in fighting the illicit content that is not pervading the internet.

We also are joined by Elizabeth Ficocelli, the best-selling, award-winning author of 15 books for adults and young people; an international speaker at conferences, parishes, retreats, schools and events;  a frequent guest on Catholic radio and television
and host of “Answering The Call” on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio AM 820. We’ll talk about a 3-night parish mission event that she is extremely passionate about, led by her own mission she conceived of at the young age of 8!

Our conversation is a two-way street! Feel free to comment here, on Facebook, and via Twitter using the handle: @EWTN!


‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

3 thoughts on “Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Father Andrew Walsh!

  1. Fr. Walsh is the best! He is a great priest and the perfect person to organize the MWCFC!! If you can come, you should!


  2. Jane Dust
    Your Message

    I am a frequent listener to Morning Glory. Today (August 4, 2016) while listening to a wonderful guest named Elizabeth, Brian Patrick said, “Take a breath, Elizabeth.” If you listen to the whole interview it really came off uncharitably. Why say it, Brian? Oh, yes, later you said the same thing to Jack Williams. I’ve listened in the past and I’ve felt as though Brian has done the same thing to Gloria Purvis. I failed to email last time because I got busy and forgot the comment. This time I wanted to mention this because I believe it was totally unnecessary and Elizabeth very charitably restated the sentence, “take a breath, Elizabeth” and said she’s passionate about her subject matter. Anyway, it may sound picky, but I bristled when I heard it. Your guests have a short time to get their information out, don’t cut them off at the knees like that. She was speaking in a very easy rhythm and nothing rushed at all. Brian’s comment was unfortunate. No comment was needed. Let your guests speak and get out of the way. I’ve enjoyed you on Crossing the Goal, and the Sonrise Morning Show. This obviously stuck out because it is uncharacteristic of you. God bless you. Jane


    • Thanks for writing in, Jane! I very much appreciate your sentiments and will share with Brian- and mention on-air tomorrow! Sometimes, radio hosts can be too concerned with the clock that they speak in a way that can show impatience – thanks for bringing this to our attention and we hope to hear from you more! God bless you! –Alyssa


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