Fun Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on the Memorial of Saint Dominic!

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Join us to kick off your Monday as we remember the life and order of Saint Dominic! Morning Glory is blessed to have many Dominicans serving as our Godly Counsel – we’ll discuss their 800th anniversary with Father Andrew Hofer of the Dominican House of Studies. We’ll also discuss the big move by abortion giant Planned Parenthood to now become ‘non-partisan’ voter registration sites and Senator Marco Rubio’s strong words supporting life in this age of fear revolving around the Zika virus.

Guests include Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List and Patrick Coffin. He hosts Catholic Answers LIVE and will be discussing pilgrimages. What are ways that we can be a pilgrim in our own lives without getting on any planes – and what is the difference between being a tourist and pilgrim. We’ll also discuss an exciting one coming up early next year!

We love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook and Twitter via @EWTN – or comment directly here! Thanks for listening to EWTN and we welcome you into the Morning Glory Family!



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