Fun Friday Morning Glory with Project Rachel!

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We kick off the weekend tomorrow morning with a fun Morning Glory featuring our favorite ‘deep’ fried Dominican, Father Aquinas Guilbeau! We’ll discuss the biggest news stories of the day including another scary accident at an amusement park during this State Fair summer season! We’ll also look at the latest with the Summer Olympics and the competition is heating up!

Guests include Julia Shelava of Project Rachel. She has some moving stories to share about the artwork that some post-abortive women have made in efforts to deal with the pain and suffering from the decision to end their baby’s life. We’ll talk about ways to help with the healing process and programs that exist strictly to help women.

With reports out about Catholic Relief Services having monetary ties to abortion advocates, we’ll talk to Terry Beatley of the Hosea Initiative about how the abortion industry works to deceive the general public – including strong lies propagated to women!

We’ll also discuss the Theology of the Body with Bill Donaghy who is hosting a big conference coming up in September. Bill is an expert and has much to flesh out with this great knowledge.

We look forward to sending our beloved Morning Glory family into the weekend – bring your coffee and yogurt, and we’ll give Glory to God FIRST in the morning!

‘See’ you bright and early!

–Alyssa Murphy

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